The Story of Us

How it all began … and continues today!


Once upon a time...

Our story starts in 2009 when a boy met a girl and the entire world changed.  Mr. and Mrs. Farmer met one fateful day and while Rhys Valley was still in the distant future they both knew that one day the ground and the herd would call.  Bearing that in mind, it behooves us to start from the beginning rather than jump right into farming.  September 2009 Mr. and Mrs. Farmer were wed and just two short days later on a plane to Germany.  You see, Mr. Farmer was in the U.S. Air Force and needed to get back to work.  Being stationed in Germany that was their first “home”…

After a time serving the country the family had just started with the welcoming of little farmers’ one and two.  Moving back home to Indiana was a big deal for the family and they were all very excited to see friends and family.  Spending some time in the world of finance Mr. and Mrs. Farmer didn’t think it was time to open the gates and start the farm.  It still called to them, it just wasn’t the right timing.  

Soon after, Texas was calling.  Another big move across the country for Mr. and Mrs. Farmer as well as little farmers’ one and two.  Dallas was a huge stepping stone for the family.  It was Dallas where the Lord laid adoption on the hearts of the family and they were able to welcome little farmers’ three and four from China!  What a journey that was getting those future farmers home!  It was after this fateful trip that Rhys Valley truly started to call…


Wanting more for the family and to once again be close to friends and family, Mr. and Mrs. Farmer made the decision it was indeed time to move further North and actually start the farm.  Landing in the outskirts of Nashville, TN, Rhys Valley Farm was born.  With and empty sheet of paper and the entire world in front of them our family decided that dairy goats, specifically Nigerian Dwarfs, would be the animal of choice alongside their faithful shadows the Great White Pyrenees.  

Rhys Valley Started with 6 Does and 2 Bucks as well as one male and one female pyre.  The intention was always to breed and raise a truly stellar herd.  Keeping that in mind Mr. and Mrs. Farmer sought out champion bloodlines and ensured that every goat in the herd is 100% pure-blood as well as ADGA registered…

Time moves swiftly on the farm as it does in all aspects of life.  With Rhys Valley well underway Mr. and Mrs. Farmer were incredibly excited to welcome little farmer five home from China in late 2018.  Continue to fast forward to early 2020 and they were blessed with little farmer six as well as 12 healthy goat kids, their first kidding on the farm!

The future is bright for Rhys Valley and the family is excited to continue  sharing their love, laughter and experiences with you as you journey with them on this adventure called life!


Rhys Valley Farm