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Our Story

Once upon a time…

Our story begins with the humble realization that we were meant for something more.  Moving from place to place, be it for the military or the job, we knew that we needed to settle down and establish some roots!  And so Rhys Valley was born.  Needing to stretch our legs and breath the open air we set out to find some land to grow our family on.  It just so happened that we decided to grow a herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats alongside.  Now it is your turn to experience our adventure. We invite you to continue reading our story and we look forward to calling you friend.  Hopefully you are inspired to draw near to the creator just as we are every day by the beauty and magnificence of His creation!


Welcome to our farm


Nigerian Dwarf

Dairy Goats

We raise 100% pure-bred Nigerian dwarf dairy goats as part of our overall goat herd.  We primarily raise these animals to breed and offer kids for sale multiple times a year.  

Additionally we milk our dames after they have weened their kids and make multiple milk products depending on the season!

Great White


These gentle giants are the guardians of the herd.  Averaging 100+ pounds and all bark, our pure-bred K9 friends are an integral part of our journey to growing, and more importantly, protecting the herd.  

While their primary job is to guard the herd (through a lot of barking mainly…) we also breed our pyres and produce real, working stock for local farms in the area!

savannah goat

100% Browse Fed

Goat Meat

Surely you have heard of “grass-fed” cattle or possibly even goat.  Believe it or not, grass is not the preferred diet for a goat.  Rather, they prefer to browse all types of plant life for an optimal diet.  We raise our goats in an old, reclaimed Indiana strip mine and we do it that way on purpose.  

Continue on to learn more about what sets our goats apart and makes our meat some of the very best on the market!

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