Great White Pyrenees

The Gentle Giants

History of the Rhys Valley Pyrenees


“Smart, patient, calm…”

AKC – American Kennel Club

We love our pyres.  They are absolutely one of a kind when it comes to dog breeds and our farm simply could not survive without them. We added Pyrenees to our farm, in order to protect our goats against a large and growing coyote population. We were absolutely shocked and elated at the great work they immediately undertook! They cleared our acreage of coyotes, racoons, foxes and anything else that was a general harassment to our herd.

We spoke with other farmers, in our own and also surrounding areas, and kept hearing wonderful feedback about these livestock dogs that are fiercely protective of their herds while being amazingly calm and docile with their people! You just absolutely cannot be around the Pyrenees without falling in love with the breed.  We realized we would never go without the dogs again, so we decided to start raising them, and then matching them with families that needed great hard-working dogs. 

Meet the Crew




Gweeny is our eldest female Pyre and clearly the leader of the pack.  We call her Aunt Gwenny because we place every new pyre that comes to the farm with her and her herd.  She teaches the new pups the ropes and keeps everyone in line!



Molly is one of our primary mothers on the farm and a fierce protector of her herd.  She has been a working dog from day one and raises her pups to follow in her footsteps!




Hermie is a new addition to the farm, one we are incredibly excited about!  When running multiple paddock of goats it is imperative to have multiple teams of guardians.  Hermie is one of our future mothers and team leaders. Welcome to the farm little one!

Important Information

Commonly asked questions about Pyres

The buying process explained

Bringing your Rhys Valley Farm working Great Pyrenees home

Puppies are here!

Molly had her Christmas puppies!  Born 12/24/2020, we have 5, 100% pure great white pyrenees puppies for sale!

4 Females, 1 Male. All females are white with a few having shaded ears. Single male is a badger with very dominant coloring!

We are still measuring their temperament for proper placement and they are scheduled for their vet-check in 2 weeks.  

Weened and ready for pick-up 2/20/2021!


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