The Buying Process Explained

A 50% deposit on your puppy is required within 5 business days, in order to hold your reservation. We make a specific page for each litter that is password protected and when your deposit is paid then you will receive the password. The litter specific page will contain lots of wonderful pictures, updates, and videos.

We begin to sort puppies for their appropriate homes when they are just under 8 weeks old. Great White Pyrenees have a varying range of personalities. It is best to wait and learn their personality as this gives us the best indication of what type of lifestyle and family, they are best suited for in the long run. All Pyrenees love to be with a herd of some kind, whether it is livestock or a family but each Pyrenees has personality traits that lend to a certain kind of “herd”. A reserved pup will tend to be a much more serious livestock guardian, rarely, if ever, leaving their livestock. These Pyrenees would become frustrated and agitated if placed in homes without livestock. Extremely social Pyrenees thrive on human companionship and often do best on smaller acreage, with owners who want a companion and general farm dog or general livestock guardian dog.

We work very hard to train our dams and sires to live right in the middle of this sliding scale. They are working dogs; they are always with the goat herds. Every day, at least once a day, the dogs spend time with all five of our children as well as us, as we do all the farm chores. As the new pups are weaned and begin venturing out, they will spend a great amount of time with the herds as well as the children. The ultimate dog you end up with is a result of his breeding, natural personality, and the environment he is raised in and is moved into when he goes home. The first two months at home are critical in teaching a dog what he should bond to (the family or the livestock) and teaching him what is acceptable on your farm or around your home.

The remaining payment for puppy is due at time of pickup or delivery.

Rhys Valley Farm